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bylonnstrom, September 3, 2013
Pin it on Pinterest
I purchased the Pin It module for a client's website. After installing and enabling it, I realized it is was missing some core features that are typically available to all modules:

1) The module has NO "basic options" configurations (such as for setting a module class suffix)
2) The module doesn't allow one to click/unclick menu assignments.

At first I contacted support believing there must be some kind of installation/compatibility issue since the ability to assign it to menu items is very important. However, after several emails back/forth it appears this is the way the module is being sold. I cannot in good conscience recommend a commercial module when it doesn't behave as typical modules and allow one to determine what pages the module appears.

This module needs more work before!
Owner's reply

1. Module Suffix was not given, as it was never necessary or asked by others. If you needed it, you could have requested it.

2. And menu assignments is basic Joomla core feature. It should work just fine for this module too.

Please contact me on

bylonnstrom, March 24, 2011
This is a great extension that is very easy to implement. It has so features and abilities - I have yet to exhaust all the possibilities. I found installation was relatively simple on two different sites (one very old Joomla site) and getting a form up and running was a "breeze". What really sets this extension apart, is the excellent customer support. Some extension developers take days to answer questions or help with issues (some don't even provide meaningful support on commercial extensions). But not Breezing Forms - their responsive and clear/concise member support is excellent!
bylonnstrom, May 14, 2009
Joom Donation
This was simple to install. Had a couple of minor issues (one was already answered in the forum) and the other was resolved within 24 hours. The support for this product is unsurpassed. Highly recommend!