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bylordloverocket, September 5, 2011
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Cons - seem to be a lot of people having issues with images showing up.

Pros - Outstanding support, looks good, easy to customize, free.

I can not compliment the quality of the support on this extension, and totally free at that. That's why despite some issues over the images the developer is quick to help and for that reason I highly recommend this extension.
bylordloverocket, June 20, 2011
The extension is very easy to install.

With a bit of trial and error with the CSS i managed to style the title headers as needed.

However on the description it says that it supports comment boxes etc. However after much trying (and viewing the developers site) this extension does not support comments on your joomla site(visitors would need to go direct to your wordpress blog).

Don't get me wrong if you want your blog post displaying in a simple format on your joomla site then go for this extension. However if you require more functionality for your users then at present this is is not up to the job.
bylordloverocket, June 16, 2011
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Using on the development of a professional services website.

Level of difficulty - If you want to make a changes to the appearance of the menu then high difficulty

Experience of joomla - designed and built several templates in joomla. Not a professional but good knowledge of html, css and php.

Pros - Easy to install, nice amount of control from the front end control panel, excellent support from the developer, FREE!

Cons - Difficult and long process to make drastic changes to the standard css. Problem with drop down menus displaying behind other modules (easily sorted using z-index property). Seems to be an awful lot of code generated, and much unnecessary CSS.

All in all a good extension with very good support. Would definitely recommended.