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bylorenzachio, February 24, 2010
I've been happily using K2 for the last 4 months to manage a fairly complicated news website. I have encountered no limitations to what this software can do. If I find a feature on a major news publication that I like, I'm always able to find a way to get it to work in K2. This is the first time I've moved away from hand-coded HTML websites, and I love using a content management system. It's very easy to learn even though there are not a whole lot of tutorials specifically for K2. After playing around with the options for a couple weeks, I had figured most of the options out through trial and error. I think this speaks to both JOOMLA and JOOMLAWORKS for creating very user friendly products.

My favourite features are

- server side resizing of images
- ability to develop multiple sections, subsections, and easily assign different modules to each section (this is a great way to land advertisers who may only want to advertise in certain sections)
- the fact that the initial template for the article page adheres to many current trends
- ability to add extra fields (such as extra title lines, extra information)

Now, to be fair I noticed one comment below that I agree with. The code does not render the web-page in IE the same way it does in Firefox. The difference is usually extra white space in IE. This can be a pain to account for when you are developing the site.

Other than this I'm really happy with this plugin and would recommend it to anyone looking to develop a newspaper/magazine website.