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From all the free plugins I tried for Joomla and social sharing, this is the one that came to be closer to my needs, although I wonder if there is a way to make that "Facebook share" appear instead of "like". I´s also like there would be a way in which you can have a template message to ass to the shares with Tw buttons, f. e.g. your twitter username always at the end of what is shared. Thankx!
Owner's reply

Hello Share button is in version 1.3, but warn that, because it can not operate other widgets on Facebook (that's on that she was removed in the new version)

bylorlof, February 24, 2012
Im very happy with the way it works, looks and its set super easily, however I´d like to find new features:
- a way to be able to be subscribed to the threads as a commentator.
- Also that the system would send an automatic response to the participant every time somebody writes.
- Nested comments.
Looking forward for the update at the end of the month, as I read in here. Let´s see if it brings good stuff!
bylorlof, February 21, 2012
Slider SP1
I am quite happy with it. At first had some problems trying to figure out why the images were not displaying, then all went smoothly.
In the last times, I hear that the slideshow is not working in mobile devices, I dont know if thats a matter of the extension or what can be wrong.