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byloulyholly, December 10, 2008
I switched from Event list to Jevents and I just think it was a perfect decision.

What I like in Jevents:
- The event creator's username appears (which was not an option in Event List!) and it links to his email, but I have made a modification and now it links to cb profile!
- Adding an event is much more easier and simple (it was more complicated in EventList, also the venues people adds in EventList can be used by other persons when adding an event!!).
- I could easily integrate it with jComments after adding some code. (note: EventList was already integrated with jComments)
- Very easy to customize.
byloulyholly, December 7, 2008
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Community Builder
This is a great component with easy to manage back end and cool features in backend and front end. There are several integrations between it and other components like Fireboard forum, JIM (Joomla Instnat Messages), gelleries and others.