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bylrawling, November 15, 2013
This is the perfect solution to an online appointment booking system. It's easy to install and setup and the support from Eric is quick, responsive and friendly. I went straight for the commercial version because it is so affordable. I have no complaints or improvements, everything I needed was there and the ability to customise to suit my site also. Additionally, Eric is always improving the component with some very cool functionality.

Thanks Eric, brilliant job!
bylrawling, October 16, 2013
Fading Content from Category
I was looking for a simple module that would allow me to select a category and display text in a rotating side module (for testimonials). There are loads of options out there but hardly any of them allow you to select from a category, you must add redundant data to the module. Or they are over-priced for a simple module. This is not only free but the support was super quick (within 10 minutes!) and the module was a piece of cake to install, and customise to suit. Thanks so much to the team at mediahof!
bylrawling, July 1, 2013
Testimonial, Quote Slider
I'm always dubious about commercial extensions because they are only worth paying for if the support is as good as the product. I was happy to pay for the Testimonial Quote Slider. It did exactly as I wanted it to do and Rajesh was prompt with support and resolved the issue without fuss. Easily recommended.
bylrawling, October 30, 2012
Pinterest Pins Display
This module was easy to install and when I wanted to change some styling but couldn't find the css to change, the developers responded quickly, politely and very thoroughly. Good support for add-ons is always a must and Codeboxr ticks all the boxes! Thank you for a great module.
bylrawling, June 25, 2009
How good is this extension?? It is so easy to use and the support is quick! I really needed this product for the tooltip plugin and it took me a while to work out where it was to download but I got a response from the forum within the same day - fantastic!

Thank you for this nifty add-on - it's great.
bylrawling, June 9, 2009
Ignite Gallery
This product was exactly what I was looking for. Easy to install, intuitive to use, looks fantastic, and the support was prompt! Everything you want in an extension. Thanks Matt.
bylrawling, April 15, 2009
Documents Seller
This product was easy to install and setup. Support is #1 priority for me when I use an extension (free or commercial) and I certainly put the team at JoomServices to the test with a pesky problem I had.

The support was FANTASTIC. Well above and beyond what I would expect for an extension that only cost $US20 to download (with upgrades for a year!).

Thanks Ossolution and Joomservices, great work!