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bylselbach, February 19, 2014
Absolutelly simple!! Just install the plugin and copy/paste google embed code (which I didn´t realize it´s existence). And bingo!
With some tweaks from google agenda itself!
Congrats for the simplicity!
Lucas Selbach
bylselbach, May 7, 2013
JSN ImageShow PRO
An excellent solution for image slideshow. I recommend.
bylselbach, March 18, 2013
EasyCalcCheck PLUS
All the options for a secure protection of a joomla site. excellent choice.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your review!

bylselbach, July 30, 2012
Simple Spotlight
Simple and awesome!
I was struggling with banner component and then I found this.
Excellent! Thanks for this great extension!
Cheers from Brazil
Lucas Selbach
bylselbach, June 23, 2012
BT Content Slider
Excellent job! Thanks for this great extension. With some tweaks you can create almost any visualization of articles.
I strongly suggest you to try.
Great job, Jfolks!

Lucas Selbach
bylselbach, June 23, 2012
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RSS Browser
Congrats for the extension! Simple and easy to config.
bylselbach, February 5, 2012
Excellent very functional extension.
I used within another extension (DW Anything) to generate a link for opening a uploaded file.
It works like a charm.
I recomend!
bylselbach, February 10, 2011
The extension is great, lots of possibilities, many features.
I've found two problems (at least for me):
- Forum, Documentation and sample pages in German - very tough to understand, even making translation to English with google (I'm from Brazil).
- The instructions line {} has strange behaviors, adding one space it simply stop working (I'm using JCE and Google Chrome, is it the problem?)

Despite that, it's a great extension.
Cheers from Brazil
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review.

The translation is in progress! In the meantime you can use the forum for questions.

The syntax must be entered correctly (without spaces).

bylselbach, September 17, 2010
Art Data
Very useful extension, supperb support from ARTetics team.
Even with many doubts, they has been very helpful to reach the results I needed.
Cheers to all joomla! team.
bylselbach, August 17, 2010
Really amazing extension for creating and managing forms.
With wizard to help less expert users (like me) to create great forms and manage them with databases.

Just found a bug within Google Chrome - turned to Firefox and worked flawless.

Also recomend Ari Smart Content to retrieve data in numerous ways.
Cheers J team!
bylselbach, January 11, 2010
Very Simple Image Gallery
Thanks for this great and 'very simple' to use extension.
It's working just fine, and I'm looking at the comments page on it's site to get some final adjustments.

Congratulations for all the joomla folks.
bylselbach, January 8, 2010
Include Content Item
I've been looking for two weeks for an extension like this. It's heaven. Simple to install, to use and configure, all the instructions are on its documentation page.
Thanks A LOT for the developer. And for all Joomla folks.