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bylsiemon, April 26, 2011
ARI Cloud Carousel
This is a fantastic module. It takes a little understanding of all the parameters you can set, but their tech support is fast, patient, and wonderful. I don't mind having to learn something if I have an willing teacher, and with ARI-soft I do. I have now gone on to purchase their Sexy Slideshow so I can put images behind the carousel. Could have used a free one, but wanted to put some money in the pocket of this developer. Kudos!
bylsiemon, February 6, 2011
Social Media Icon Links
This is an excellent and simple module that does just what it is supposed to. Can't ask for it to be any different or any easier. One suggestion though. Add a small line to the doc that alerts installers that to add a new icon, it must be added to all five sizes to show up in one list. I worked and hour trying to figure out why, when I added a new Icon to level 4, it did not show up in my list.
bylsiemon, February 5, 2011
Couldn't be simpler. As the say, just plug n' play!
I downloaded it installed it and had a really nice looking gallery in about ten minutes time.
bylsiemon, September 28, 2010
I spent hours reading, searching and trying modules to find one that I could use in my articles. Aicontactsafe did it with no problems. Realize before you try it that it is very powerful, therefore there is a learning curve. If you are looking to put contact forms within your article, make sure the plugin is activated and follow the one paragraph instructions!
I recommend this to anyone for any contact form requirement. My hats off to the developer.
bylsiemon, June 26, 2010
I see why it is the editors choice.
I spent a week trying to configure Tienda, with no documentation and no support. I finally gave up and installed Virtual Mart - one day and I was up and running!
This free shopping cart was all I needed for my small Ecommerce site, but if one of my customers has need of a more extensive shopping cart, I would still most likely use this one.
I guess intuitiveness is an individual call, but I did not encounter any problems setting this cart up. My thanks to the developers for continuing to improve it.