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byltempest, August 12, 2014
Simple Mobile Detection
SUPERB! this is a great plugin. It saved me loads of time and coding. A note it DOES work in modules just ensure you have Prepare content set to YES in the module parameters.
byltempest, July 9, 2013
I was initially dubious about using these types of components over a standard (free) form component. But my was I wrong. Installing and using Babel-U-Exams was a simple task, creating multiple categories, exam questions and responses, with randomisation and the option of multiple answers, weighted per question scoring, pausing of exams and automated grading all make this one of the best components I have used. I've not even mentioned the results a user can be shown or the absolutely first class support provided.

I highly recommend this extension.

The only extremely minor item is the ability for a user to complete a personal details form before the exam but this was solved by modifying the standard Joomla login / registration module, and I'm informed this is coming in a future release.

Don't waste time with other components, get this one today!
byltempest, March 1, 2013
System - Nomad
Don't waste money on anything else, this plugin is exceptional. Installed, configured and up and running within 5 minutes. BRILLIANT!
byltempest, February 15, 2013
Rentalot Plus
I had struggled for over two weeks trying to get other apparently more reputable extensions to work with no avail. Rentalot Plus is Excellent in every regard. The component just works, is easy to configure and setup and I had no problems, in fact it only took one mornings work to have a working site up and running. The support from the developer is top class also. Go for the full support you won't be disappointed.
byltempest, January 4, 2012
Menu Dependent Items
I cannot recommend this module enough, its awesome and the support from Christian when the language file would not appear when the site is running on PHP 5.2.x was nothing short of exceptional. I had an updated module to install within 24hrs of contacting Christian. EXCELLENT!
byltempest, April 5, 2011
I've used many gallery addons for websites, but this ranks as one of the best! has a great deal of options and styles, auto generated thumbnails and gallery specific overrides. I had an issue with cached images (my fault not the plugin) and the support from developer was fast and very helpful.

byltempest, November 5, 2010
Does what it says on the tin, very clever plugin and support from developer is excellent giving support within 24 hours.

Highly recommended.
byltempest, October 12, 2009
The major issue with this extension is the lack of any documentation as to how to modify the CSS file to customize it for your site / settings. I have the module installed and working on my site, but trying to figure out which CSS style controls what is very difficult. Better documentation or even a simple description of what each style controls would get this extension five stars.

Unless you know and understand nested CSS styles, be careful!
byltempest, October 2, 2009
CSS by itemid and random CSS
This plugin is great and just what I wanted, but it needs to have a default css for when you do not have a menu id to attach a css too. For instance I have a latest news module on my site, but it does not have a menu item and when I view the news article some of the css is missing.
byltempest, May 18, 2007
Google Maps by Reumer
Great plugin, does what it says on the tin.

I would just love to be able to select a different 'pin' icon. Any help most appreciated!