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bylucafo, May 1, 2014
Very great extension

Match fully with my expectations and I have only good experiences on my website

Fully recommended for websites that are working with tables. (very neice tables)
A full evaluation of the extension should be very hard for me to explain it as it's one the best extensions never seen for the purpose was made.

But with a few words I could say there are NO competitors for this extension. (As far as I know)

About the Courtesy and Honesty of the developer are at the TOP LEVEL. John is a very good helper for "hard users as I am"

Pros & Cons of the extension and its performance. I Did'nt state any Cons. Pros = all

Level of support received. As I told before. Never seen a support so warm. In fact John can log into my side and have a walk as I do. Who can give more support ?

The Ease of usage of the extension is quite big.

The purpose of using the extension is for a shop online by the way but in few days also will be installed in my corporate website. I will no write the websites to don't make any publicity

Level of difficulty =0. Very easy to use

My experience level with Joomla and web technologies ar at user level.

I would like to remark that the extension works on all joomla versions. That's very great too

Congratulations John !!!
bylucafo, April 27, 2014
Advanced Module Manager
I can't imagine my webistes without this extension. Has helped me a lot to make thinks in seconds that i should used hundred hours. It's a must have extension!!!
bylucafo, May 21, 2013
iJoomla SEO
A full evaluation of the extension should be very hard and long as this extension is one of the best I ever seen in Joomla. But a few words should be that meets fully my expectations. The courtesy and honesty of the owner of the extension are high. The Level of support received is magnific and supported by tickets system. It's very easy to use and very entertaining and fun. The videos by Merav Knafo really understandable and enjoyable
Owner's reply

I really appreciate you taking the time to post such a great review! Thanks for using iJoomla SEO!

Merav, CEO,