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byluciano991, October 4, 2014
SP Upgrade
You would think that developers would be all over creating extensions that helped users and developers migrate content from one Joomla site/version to another. That's like you would think that Microsoft would have come up with a backup solution along the lines of Time Machine some time ago. On both counts you'd be wrong.

But SPTransfer, for 2.5 to 3.x transfers and SPUpdate for 1.5 transfers is far and away the best I've used. Transfer articles, users, modules, menus, categories, all of it with a few simple steps. Well, simple if your geek quotient is fairly high but pretty straightforward nonetheless.

There are always going to be a few glitches here and there; databases can be finicky that way. But overall these extensions save a great deal of time and effort.

I highly recommend them.
byluciano991, June 24, 2014
BT Image Gallery
It's interesting that in the Joomla Extensions Gallery, this extension only claims compatibility with Joomla! 2.5 but on their website they say it works with Joomla! 3.
It does install and operate on Joomla! 3. And all was well until we started pulling browser windows around and saw the thumbnails in the gallery assuming all kinds of stretched out shapes until they finally became totally unrecognizable. I went into the configuration and turned off responsive which solved the problem of the funky thumbnails but I bought this extension for its responsiveness.
Even though I'm a customer, I can't post any new topics on the forum and you can't file a trouble ticket for tech support.
The pre-sales information indicated I was paying $20 for one year of support and I've got several months left.
Very disappointing all around.
byluciano991, March 11, 2014
Fox Contact Form
Just a simple contact form for Joomla 3 was all I was looking for. No knock against other form extensions but this is as easy and intuitive as it gets. And at 10 Euros and I can use it on as many sites as I want, it might as well be free. Thank you very much!!!
byluciano991, September 27, 2013
JM Responsive Slideshow
I have been using ShowPlus but it wasn't working in my Bootstrap template so I tried JM Responsive Slideshow and it worked great right out of the box. Now that I'm working with BootStrap and responsive designs this will be a must extension.
There's a little confusion with the registration and "purchase" even though it's free but keep clicking. It's free, I promise.
byluciano991, May 6, 2010
CSS Gallery
This is a very simple gallery that works as advertised. I was looking for something very simple for a particular site and this worked perfectly. The author's website had great documentation so the install and implementation went smoothly. Support for specific inquiries is a little sketchy on the author's site. I submitted a question but I don't know if it went through. I thank Mr. Berger for his nice little gallery.
Owner's reply


Hi Luciano!

No, there is neither a comment nore did I receive an email from you. Probably you tried to send an email via the contact form in english, which has been out of order (fixed it this moment).
Anyway, this contact form starts with:
"For questions about and problems with Scripts or Plugins
please add your comment to the respective page because
this way other visitors may benefit from our conversation."

And the comment-extension has been working fine all the time so - there is no problem with the support.

Best regards
Andreas Berger