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byluckyshot, July 31, 2012
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Expense Manager
I love to keep my expenses on track and I've been a long time user of Squirrel for Mac but when I found out Geremi had developed his own personal finance manager for Joomla I had to give it a try, have been using his Music Collection extension for a while and I knew I could trust him since he always delivers quality and provides a very friendly and responsive support every time I contact him.

Expense Manager is a solid product, very well done, fully featured. And the incredible advantage of having my personal finances 'on the cloud' was much more convenient than just a Mac app since I can now access it even when I'm abroad which is absolutely brilliant, before I had to keep a notepad with me and write everything again once I got home which was an absolute pain.

I have been looking for any disadvantages to Expense Manager so I could let Squirrel users know but couldn't find any to be honest, and due to experience with other extensions from this author I know that once I need something extra the author will run to his keyboard and start coding it for me.

You are always surprising me mate,
Highly recommended!
byluckyshot, February 2, 2012
Content Statistics for DOCman
I've tried other products by this developer and he always delivers cutting edge products. Couldn't resist the urge to try it for DOCman and it was exactly what I was expecting:

Clear UI and detailed charts while keeping it surprisingly very easy to use. Now I can track my marketing campaigns popularity more effectively since I can see it in charts and not just a lousy number!

Well done!
byluckyshot, November 9, 2011
Content Statistics for K2
As a developer it is very quick to build complex counters and statistics through this plugin. Great support in the dedicated forum btw
byluckyshot, August 26, 2011
Music Collection
I love listening to music and purchasing Music Collection has been the Best Decision Ever. Period.

I now have all my music organized (rated, tagged, grouped, with their cover image, with lyrics, etc, etc), can even listen to it in my iPad, see graphs and stats on my music listening habits, create playlists for different moods and genres, etc...

This extension is completely amazing, it is fully featured and works really well. The setup was really easy as it autoscans your music folders and adds them automatically.

Germi (its author) is a nice chap, very supportive and has helped me with all the questions I've had very quickly, eventhough I sometimes ask him dumb questions :-)

Big thanks, greatly satisfied with MC!