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byludootje, January 29, 2007
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JCal Pro
JCalPro is the nicest event calendar for Joomla, end of story. There is enthusiasm in the way it is presented and developed. Its functionality straight out of the box is fine, maybe not overwhelming, but more than sufficient for most users.

That being said, there is at least one annoying bug: editing an already existing event results in html code showing up. There was also a language-specific issue, but I got that sorted out with the help of a new language file.

The Really Good News is that the developer promised a new version with these bugs fixed And with a few nice additions in a matter of a week. So, I'll definitely be back at, say, the end of January... Really looking forward for this splendid piece of software to become even more splendid!

byludootje, December 5, 2006
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Tabs & Sliders [for articles]
This plugin is what we need - but not in this version. I have installed it properly. The tabs don't show up at all. The slides do, but they are not clickable, or at least, nothing happens when I click them.

Reading the reviews confirms my feelings. Meddling with , with mosshowhead(), with mysterious JS conflicts etc. shows that this plugin is simply not yet "ripe". That's a pity, because I think Many Joomla users would definitely benefit from the many interface niceties which are possible with tabs and slides. But they'll have to wait another couple of versions, I'm afraid.
Owner's reply

Such conflicts have been addressed successfully in version 2.2! Check it out! And the tabs/slides load now faster!