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byluds, December 9, 2013
Jom Classifieds
A really easy to use and setup component that does what it says on the tin!
Had a few minor issues which were dealt with incredibly quickly and efficiently!
Definitely recommend! :)
byluds, December 5, 2012
Brilliant module :) Only took a few mins to set up and a few more to realise exactly how the images work.
However, once I'd added text under the images that I wanted everything went smoothly.
Highly recommend this! If only all Joomla extensions were this good!!!
byluds, November 21, 2012
Social Fancy Sliders
What's to say? Installed and set up in 15 mins! Easy!
Only prob was the module position that I wasn't sure of. Support email > 5 mins later a reply (Debug position!) and off we go!
byluds, January 4, 2012
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Multi Sites
What a great extension!

Though I have to admit it isn't the easiest component to setup there is help via the forum and Edwin is very quick to reply. And as for the compaint about the support videos, well I don't know where you'd get a more comprehensive set!

With regard to the billable support that has been mentioned and complained about I have to say it was absolutely brilliant! It may seem pricey but you get much more than usual. Edwin set me up a link to his own desktop where he explained exactly how it worked and how to set it up. HE talked me through the whole process as he did it. Much better than paying less and not having a clue how it was done! Well worth the money!

Well done Edwin!!
byluds, January 3, 2012
Altra Juicy Menu
An excellent modular menu that is highly customisable. Not only that but the support has to be one of the best setups that I've ever used!

The only minor issue was finding the download link after buying but a quick email later and the zip files were delivered to my inbox :)

Highly recommend both the extension and the developers!
byluds, August 25, 2011
JoomBah Jobs
An excellent component and brilliant support too :)

A few minor issues with it to begin with which were easily solved and then a harder one that took a bit longer and entailed the developers going through my admin to find the offending problem.

Can't rate these developers highly enough. Superb service!
byluds, November 10, 2010
Contact Enhanced Component
What can I say? Absolutely fantastic and that's both the product and the service! The basic component works like a dream but I needed it to do a bit more. Doug' to the rescue! For a very reasonable fee he modified it for me!
So impressed was I that I asked if he could have a look at a mod in sobi2 for me. Job sorted!!

Both in less than a day!

If all Joomla service and extensions were like Doug and his component then the Joomla world would be Utopia!