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byluespi, February 19, 2014
JSN PowerAdmin
Just amazing, it simply helps you to organize everything faster, it allows you to go right to the modules that you really need to work on, change editor fast, move positions in menus and modules just by drag and drop

I can't find a con, well it would be better if we could see the layout of the default template in a more visually correct way

This extension is a must from now on for me

Awesome performance

Level of support received? I had no need, their documentation is great

Ease of usage and deployment: excellent, really easy

Purpose of using the extension:
For my main site to sale websites

Level of difficulty: easy, very intuitively

My experience level with Joomla: intermediate, haven`t programmed anything yet but I will go deeper into php and mysql to try to program some basic stuff
havent created a template either yet

oh, and this extention is free!!! wow!
byluespi, August 10, 2012
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Ignite Gallery
I needed an extention that would this:
add water mark to a gallery in joomla

ignite does it awesomely

also I had N ISSUE, but my subscription had ended but none the less they very gently agreed to help me out and solve the issue, and they site works nicely

howver they need to imrpove the way it makes the water mark look, since you need a lot of test and error to finnaly get it to look the way you want

also it would be awesome to add some visual effects for transition

but it worked awesomely