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Flexi Contact
Boy, that's easy to make multiple different contact forms! I used something called JForms for Joomla 1.5, but it was a bit of pain to make one (too much reliance on a purdy drag-drop interface) and needed something handy for 2.5.

Glad I stumbled on this one! More than worth the token price asked for.
Owner's reply

Thanks for that, although I suspect this review was intended to be for FlexiContact Plus, as the free version does not support multiple different forms (and is totally free).

bylugj, February 1, 2011
EasyCalcCheck PLUS
For some odd reason, it knocks off the tinyMCE functionality. Simply whatever you enter is crunched together and all tags removed except one p at the beginning and one /p at the end. This is a serious flaw. I had to rebuild the site from scratch to see where the problem is suspecting all sorts of plugins, modules and components, but once I turned off ECC+, voila! The tinyMCE worked as it should (mode regardless, this applies to all three tinyMCE modes). It is a shame, the plugin is marvelous, I like the math captcha more than image ones and the tokenization of the admin URL is a nice touch too. But I need to update articles frequently, and turning ECC+ off when editing and back on when done is not really a solution.

I am not sure if you, ECC+ developer are aware of this problem. So here it is. The version I am using is 1.5-13, installed in Joomla v.1.5.22.
I hope you can fix this.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review, but...

... why you don't first ask or look into the support forum?