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byluiscamp, April 1, 2014
Gary´s Cookbook
The idea is awesome, the execution is at least poor. In version 4.2.0 the component have serious compatibility problems with K2 maybe because they use K2 code, if you install first Gary, k2 can't install their menus, and you cant edit Garys recipes as result, you have to disable the k2 extension to edit a recipe, the code is undocumented and messy, is you are going to override in the template you are going to have hard work.
In the forum you get a mess of German and English post, and your post can be there for 3 weeks and no one answer.

If you are going to use this component and you need to override be sure that you have the skills and don't use k2 in the same installation
byluiscamp, April 4, 2012
Maxi Menu CK
I'm developing a Joomla 2.5.X portal and this module just solve me the problem of putting modules inside of Menus, the description in the links is grate, great extension, very flexible, if you're a joomla sites developer this extension can save you a lot of time.
byluiscamp, December 17, 2009
VM solve the problem of our client for a shopping cart, but it need some work to put it just in the way we need, personally I think this is normal in a so complex extension, many people maybe will not change .php file and .tpl files, but I'm happy with it it works and let customize a lot, really a lot, something that you will never find a paid extension with compile code, I think that it's usable like it comes if you need a on-line shopping cart, and works too for people like us that need to customize as lot as we can
byluiscamp, August 12, 2008
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I install ChronoForms in Joomla 1.0 and with the help of the people of ChronoForms in theirs forums I made a multilingual custom form, when I have another problem with anti spam and the same the people of ChronoForms give me the light for resolving it.
The component is easy to use, have a lot of options and more important I can use my custom codes and gadgets, to make my forms better and better.
Thanks this was the solution for my problem with forms.