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byluke409, May 1, 2010
This a very affordable plugin that gets the job done. I have tried a number of blog components, but this one has all the features you dream of, it looks great and is easy to install.

I had a minor problem with the install, but I got fast, helpful service from the developer.

This blog is a real sleeper. When people find out about it, it is going to be #1.
byluke409, June 13, 2009
Ozio Gallery
This is a great adaptation of interactive galleries, and I was disappointed when I had to delete it immediately.

Why? The gallery has TWO different advertising links to two different sites. One is too many. It is hard enough branding my own site, and there is no need for me brand the work of others. If they want advertising they should pay for it, in my opinion.

I would happily pay for this gallery if the paid implementation was as quick and easy as the "free" ad version. But there is no paid Joomla version to get rid of the advertising links. You can purchase some of the underlying Flash elements, but implementation is not quick or easy.

Lots of really good Joomla extensions like this one end up deleted because of this advertising problem. If developers want to offer free extensions they should be really free, not simply gimmicks to send traffic to their own sites.

These folks either need to kill the advertising links or offer a version without any ads, in my view.