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bylunac, November 23, 2013
Best service, excellent product
I was able to install this fairly quickly and got it up and running with the helpful manual that came with this. Ran perfectly the first time out and I even had a rapid response from the developers when I needed to extend the use of the product to interact with Community Builder - using multi-check boxes to create mailing groups. All my requests were handled quickly and to my full satisfaction. Excellent service and excellent product!
bylunac, September 14, 2012
RSform Pro
I tried Jforms and RSForm (not Pro) and I would say that RSForm Pro is the best component and the value is excellent. You get excellent service and an excellent, reliable, and stable product. As soon as it installed (which was easy since there were not multiple products for the various versions of joomla), I was ready to go with the demo versions already on there. I love the idea of multiple page forms!! Also, I was able to duplicate fields which Jforms never allowed. I could also control which fields were required.

The email confirmations were okay to configure but could be simpler to insert fields from the form. Best of all, the emails to administrators are customizable.

The support was first-class. There were easy-to-use FAQ about how to control the character limits in fields and Andrei helped me further to control multiple fields and even to show how many characters were left to the user. This was very helpful. All in all, I would recommend this component to anyone who wants a hassle free program.