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bylunasy, May 13, 2013
Accordion FAQ
after trying out several FAQ extensions I settled on this one when we started out with our Joomla 1.5 site. I am so glad they updated the extension for 2.5 and will be using it for my new site as well. Thank you for making exactly what we needed.
bylunasy, August 5, 2011
I was searching for a component that I could use as a catalog. I didn't need a shopping cart, I didn't need features up the wazoo, just something simple that would allow me to post a picture with a short description that would open into a full description. I tried the high rated apps, the majorly downloaded apps, all the apps that say "easy to configure." None of them were.

I was apprehensive about trying out this app because the website did not translate easily into english (from german) and i was afraid i might not be able to understand what i needed to do to get it to what i wanted. I am glad i decided to give it a try anyway.

Within a couple of hours I had completely fallen in love with this app. It has bells and whistles if you want that kind of thing, but it also allows you to turn them off if you don't. I didn't have to create a new manufacturer client for each item that had a different manufacture (helpful when you are a consignment store). I didn't have to add weight or box dimensions since I wasn't shipping out anything. I could actually choose what units of measurements i wanted (called characteristics in the app). I now have the exact catalog i have been wanting for several months.

This app would easily earn that fifth star if you worked with someone to touch up the translations and added an information bubble on more of the items throughout the configurations.

For the new users to this app who don't speak german, under configuration>general, Price(brutto) is gross, and Price(netto) is net. To change the unit of currency, go to Options>currency, and add or change the units there. Code is where you would put a dollar sign. If it doesn't appear to change, all you need to do is close your browser and reopen it to see the changes.

Thank you again. This is truly a brilliant piece of work.
I tried out all of the free versions and some of the commercial versions and none of them came close to giving me what I needed... until I tried Ninjamonials. I actually like most of their template choices but I would have liked an easier access to their CSS files to make a couple minor tweaks (that was one thing I liked about one of the other testimonial extensions I tried).
The other thing I miss is being able to choose the order of the submissions. I have some testimonials I wanted to move over from an old program, and while you can change the date it shows for submission, changing the date does not change the order. You cannot choose if newest or oldest appear first, nor can you implement a custom order.
However, even without these two features, this extension still deserves 5 stars and is worth much more than the small fee they charge. Setup was easier than a breeze and only took mere moments.