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bylvaraja, January 19, 2012
Art Colorbox
Excellent plugin! It's ultra simple to use and configure and it's very light. Give a try to any of modules that Artetics offer for free (like Art Sexy Lightbox Lite edition or Art Universal Lightbox), you will love them immediately and you will find out soon that you can be much more efficient with the plugin version (so you do not have to create individual module instances for every single gallery). Just to inspire Artetics team, maybe it would be fine to have some "basic" default settings for the plugin available (especially when you are going to use one style or behavior for most of images and galleries on the particular website) that you can either omit in the gallery definition code or possibly override by putting the appropriate attribute you would like to alter. For instance transition, slideshow, previewWidth and Height, autoGenerateThumbs and convertImage.
Great job! Thinking over some more paid plugins you offer. And, last but not least, great, pro-active and fast support (you can "google" it everywhere, by the way).