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bylvnagain, May 8, 2013
The mod is pretty good has some neat features but found too many issues when I used various compluters to use the gallery, slow speeds, poor visibility, buttons not appearing. Even became a paid member and emailed them several questions on using it in their FREE template and how to get it to show up in the right spot with no responses on their forum or direct emails.
bylvnagain, May 8, 2013
Contact Information
Great mod, simple works well, wish I could use it instead of the main contact mod and allow my users to update their own info from the frontend though. Only reason not a 5 is I emailed support to ask if editing from the frontend was easy and still no response to even just say no can't be done.
bylvnagain, August 22, 2011
Simple Email Form
I've never posted a review so this is my first but now that I went through the trouble to create an account lookout.

The form says what it does and it's pretty simple to setup. Only thing I would have liked was a field to place like a description so you could post a quick reason why you want to complete the form above. I added it to mine to have a description field and a few extra style tags to make it fit my site better but it met the requirements, something short, a few fields of my own, I may even hide the subject field but it's pretty easy for even the novice like me to tweak that can be put anywhere I want on a page. See the example at