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bylydianp18, December 27, 2012
Youtube Gallery
This component/module claims to be "responsive" - it's not. It does not scale the player at all when the site is reduced in size.
Owner's reply

Did you try to enable "Responsive" setting?

bylydianp18, January 6, 2012
I've implemented over 50 VM sites in 1+ and thought cool - they've got VM 2 out and it's stable I'll start using it. BIG MISTAKE. VM 2.0 should NEVER have been released with out proper payment plugins (or at least more than 1 !). The ONLY option for payment is Paypal, which works for most clients, but there is no way at the moment to accept even basic information for off-line processing, something you don't find out until you install it and set it up. Really lame. But hey, the 1 screen checkout is cool... as long as you're using paypal.