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bym1gp, February 2, 2013
Here's a quick story.

Downloaded JFBConnet and I was pleasantly surprised that it worked like a charm. No snags or stress. Everything just worked...locally.

I got the site going on my host server and it didn't work! I went through everything, trying to figure things but couldn't. After reading an exchange on sourcecoast's forum, and finally a PM.

Alex from Sourcecoast went above and beyond and found that I had set up access level which was causing the problem. JFBConnect was not the problem and now, things are working just fine.

Having worked with subscription services and host servers who offer "technical support", Sourcecoast has reminded me that excellent customer support still exists for people who are passionate and are experts about their product.

Thank you Alex and needless to say, with the popularity of Facebook and this expertly created extension, I couldn't recommend JFBConnect more.
Simple MP3 Player
I've installed numerous Components, Plug-ins and Modules and have paid for several by some "top developers". Some great components, but none with the attention to detail as Simple MP3 Player has. The interface for the admin SETS THE BAR in my opinion. As a professional designer, I really appreciate the color selection tools and the fact that it gives you a color swatch of the color selected in the admin panel. Also the ability to have a custom image. The "Cheat Sheet" is VERY user friendly as it's right there to help you on the parameters page - ALL extension developers should follow this format! Thanks Medien.stroeme! BRAVO. I look forward to more products from you and for other developers to follow your lead.