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bym3dw, June 21, 2013
After installing and finding out that he attachments are not secure enough for my porpose I wanted to uninstall it.

After that the frontend went white!

Reinstalling solved it, the frontend was ok again.

But after reinstalling again both gone white, frontend and backend!

Thats really odd!

I like this extension and used it in several sites but this is a no go!
bym3dw, May 14, 2012
Account Expiration Control
Once again I used this extensions on a coustomer´s site and it works perfectly!

I had to migrate about 300 users with their appropriate membership and all worked fine! :D

Support was surprisingly fast!

If you need a real membership extension use this one!
bym3dw, June 16, 2009
Great Component since it is there! I was used to Facile Forms with Joomla 1.0.x and could not understand why it should not be supported for Joomla 1.5.x. Crosstec did an excellent job with the fork for the new Joomla version!

Since they developed the new version some new features have been added.

The Support is fast and very good!

With Breezing Forms you can handle simple contact forms, 100-sided forms(if you need:-), applications and much much more!

It can be a simple tool for people with not knowing Html or PHP. But also higher experienced user will have a lot of possibilities!

Breezing Forms is not for free but costs only about 7 $! You will get an extension that´s completely worth the small amount!