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bym4x, August 30, 2008
International Name day

nice and useful module. It could be even better if it would allow multiple nations-names. For us hosting international community sites it could be cool to display the different names (if they are different - no sense in displaying 2-3 times the same in czech/slovac for example.) I would like to choose for example czech, german, slovac, italian, french and polish. In some days it could be perhaps only 1 name displayed, but on many times there would be several names for the different countries.
I know it is possible to copy the entire mopdule for every language, but it would be space-saving if it could be done by the single module.

As a second thing, it could check in first-name field in user database (CB) and display a list of users (nicks) who are celebrating today. ^^

Nice idea to offer your module to the community. :)

Owner's reply

Very good idea, I think, this don't be a problem. I was searching solution, when I have more time, I will use mootools.

Excuse me, I don't to use CB so I don't know how to connect.

bym4x, May 10, 2008
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Well, it is only second one translation module i have tested. But it really works. Google translations have all its limitations independent on this module. TRanslations from english into other languages will never be excellent becouse of the english language itself, poor of gramatics.
Now I like to test it from german or italian into english and other languages. From german it could be much better.

It would be nice, as an extension, to give in admin-back end the possibility to choose some final languages and switch beetween menu like it is now and a row of flags. :)

Good work!
bym4x, April 12, 2008
Hi, good plugin. I am using it for few weeks.

But I was wondering, could you create some new modules? Like the last-registered-users, last visitors... using avatars or personal photos (let admin to choose) of the profiles from the forum?
IPB has superb profiles and it would be cool, when an integration is done, to view on joomla site the last users, birthdays and stuff. :)

thx a lot for your work.