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bymacitgroup, March 24, 2010
XCloner-Backup and Restore
I use XCloner (1.9) a lot and think it is great. What I did was take the time to create a "master" Joomla site with all the components, modules, plugins and templates installed and configured. Then, I configured everything I use often so my one "master site" is set up just the way I want it. Then, when I make a new site, I run the restore script, point it to the master site that I cloned, and within minutes my new site is up and running. No need to manually install everything from scratch. That is a huge time saver that alone is worth its weight in gold. But, I also use it to move all my development sites from my internal development server (Windows based) to my production hosted server (Linux based) and that process is quick also. It takes a little longer than creating the new clones of my "master site" only because you have to FTP the huge zip file to the hosted server. That is unavoidable though and has nothing to do with this. So, I can deploy a site to production in about an hour including file transfer time, and I can clone an internal development site in about 20 minutes.

It took me a little time to really master things, but once I did, I figure I have saved literally hundreds of hours in the past few months by cloning sites instead of creating them from scratch each time. It is much quicker to clone a site then customize it, trust me, I have done it both ways many times, and I will never go back to the old way.

Thanks for a great product!!