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bymaclarkson, June 29, 2007
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I thought this was an excellent product but only once I work out how it all worked. It took ages to figure out how easy the product is to use even for a NEWBEE like me. Its only once you know these three things that you find out how easy the product is to use.
1) When you install the component when it asks you to continue STOP!!! there will be an option to install example data. DO IT. this will give you something to play around with
2) To see a published form you have to link to the table. to do this go to edit your table and in the 'link to menu' tab select a menu and then enter a menu name, click to link to menu. This will publish the item so you can see it in your preview.
3) In creating a new form you have to create your table using MySQL before you can attach your form to it.
The rest is really easy to figure out :O)