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bymacuncles, March 3, 2014
Add CSS rules CSS, indeed. Changing CSS coding exactly where and how you want it to change without much effort. Many thanks.
bymacuncles, November 18, 2013
Article Details
I had been looking for such a way to improve the presentation of my articles. Many ways to show date and other article details just the way you want it, including good documentation. Had a slight problem with doubling of titles after a recent update; Olivier got back to me and resolved the problem with a few css changes (temporarily); after which it was solved in about a week later in a next update. Excellent service!
Owner's reply

Thank you so much for the review! I do not like leaving issues unresolved, so, although I always try in helping users fix their problems right away, I usually address those issues in an update to benefit everyone. The problem of hiding the original title of an article you had helped me re-think the way to address it.

bymacuncles, October 12, 2013
Starlite Notification Bar
Although I experienced a strange issue after starting to use this plugin, I was impressed with the user-friendly backend. Very easy to set where you want to do this plugin its work. Enter notification text right in the backend - even allows you to use html code.
Developer, was very quick to respond when I notified him of the problem. When he saw what was wrong, he changed the tweaked the plugin especially for me so to make it run smoothly on my website. Absolutely excellent. Recommended, as it is expected that the plugin will work right out of the box with other sites. Just my site had something strange on going so it seems
Owner's reply

Thanks a lot.

bymacuncles, September 29, 2013
Top of the Page
what is there to say?: Just perfect! check out the demo for advice on how to change css (e.g. where to import your personal image (and hover image)
bymacuncles, September 15, 2013
JJ Social Slider
easy install; easy adjustments in ordering the various sliders by dragging them to new position - which makes the extension even better than it was; easy color adjustments in the css file; and ready for the transfer to J3.x; what more could you wish for?
many thanks, much appreciated
bymacuncles, September 6, 2013
n3t Coming Soon
this is an absolute perfect extension. I did use other extension to show my site is offline for maintenance, but all had their down sides. This one is absolutely perfect, with a css file (under de media map) which can be adjusted, or you can add specific css rules in the plugin admin. you can even add you own specific file to be shown as offline page; although the basic offline page is already very well fit-for-purpose. Thanx to the developer.
bymacuncles, August 7, 2013
Monthly Archive
I started to use monthly archive over a year ago. At the time there were just a few extensions doing a decent job archiving your articles. Yiannis was really on top of business, and as soon as I made some suggestions to improve his extension, he started working on it. I just wanted to have a bit better look. But he wanted to have things perfect. Sometimes improvements requires perseverence. Well, he has got it. And now I think he touches the top of the staircase - at least compared to other archive extensions. I recommend the accordion option in the module! Great work Yiannis, thanks. Worth every penny!
bymacuncles, May 11, 2013
Normally I do not start using a beta version of any extension, but this one was too tempting. Having a prezi presentation integrated in your joomla site this way is great. I had to try it. And it is just perfect! Works right out of the box. Spending an hour or so with a new prezi, less than 20 seconds it is working on your site. Many thanks!
I would not call it a beta version. It is ready for rock&roll.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your kind review!

bymacuncles, January 14, 2013
Lazy Load for Joomla!
It did speed up the loading time of my webpages. I think I checked all the relevant components on my site that contain images, and experienced no problems whatsoever. But that could be pure luck I do not know. On the other hand there is the possibility to exclude a component from being processed. Many thanks to the developer
Owner's reply

Have success!

Thank you very much for your review.

bymacuncles, January 13, 2013
HD-Background Selector
I just use it to change the background colour of some pages; my template is a bit messy so to locate the right postion for the image is kind of hard. But probably this extension will do the job of showing a background image just as good as it does with changing bckgrnd colour. Footer as module position works for me, but could be template dependent
bymacuncles, January 13, 2013
OSE RSS Syndicator™
I have been using Ninja RSS syndicator on my website built in J1.5, and it worked flawlessly. Unfortunately I couldn't get it to work on my J2.5 website. So, I tried several other free RSS syndicator extensions. And I ran into all kinds of trouble, or did not want to spend too much time in solving seemingly minor issues. For some reason I missed OSE's component until now. It was not rated or reviewed yet. They seem very reliable in what they do, so I thought let's give it a try. Well, SMOOTH!! Very good guys, straight out of the box, everything works great. A module that would give you the opportunity to present various feeds streams via only one button would be nice, but this will do nicely also. Thanks very much
bymacuncles, November 24, 2012
AutoTweet NG
Used the former version on my website for about 4 months. used it only to tweet my posts on a few categories. Absolutely great, it does what it says it does.
Last week I upgraded to version 6.3.3.: had an issue, only the link appeared on the tweet, no text whatsoever. Asked for assistance. reponse within a day with to the point solution. And the extension works like a charm again. Now I am thinking of trying the auto version to post on facebook. will keep you posted on my experience.

One thing though: it seems that they knew that installing over the old version could lead to issues, so a clean re-install was advised when I mentioned the above issue; would be a good idea to have this mentioned in the instruction (at least I missed that part in the instruction), but hey it is free and with the support they gave: absolutely excellent! Thanks guys.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review!

bymacuncles, October 4, 2012
Site Lock
Well, what is there to say about an extension that works right out of the box? Right, nothing else than: thank you guys for this marvellous component for free! It is straightforward, and very easy to set up. Create your own offline text, but the really good thing is that you can have your client (allowing him access with his own username and password) see what you've changed while others cannot. Just perfect.
EU e-Privacy Directive
I want to comply to what is necessary by law. So I started to look at e-privay plugins. Did not want to kick off spending money for something that is not that important to me (as my site is absolutely non-intrusive considering the information and cookies involved). I installed Mike Richey's plugin. Discovered some issues, sent a message to the developer, and within minutes (absolutely true) got response. And Mike started to work on it. Two days later he had sorted out several things, and improved the plugin. It was not only that he likes to help you, but he also wants to make his product perfect.
Must say, that there are some commercial plugins which look nicer. But this one really does what is promised, and if not Mike takes care of it. Of course you have to customise some text if you are critical about how you present your website's content .... who's talking...
Importantly, visitors are able to reconsider their choice on cookie acceptance at all times. This is visitor friendly, of course, and shows you are serious about e-privacy/cookie use. A job well done and ongoing progress if you run into issues.
Owner's reply

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I apply that to the support I give, as well as the promises I make. I provide good support because I expect good support.

Thanks for your great review!

bymacuncles, July 20, 2012
Global News
After been busy for quite a few hours to try and find a module that would display my news articles the way I wanted, I found Global News. I had installed several (many) other modules first to figure out their features, many times the reason was that the documentation was minimal. So, to know how the module really works you have to try them first, and abandon them again. Several had not so good scripts. But then I found Global News ( and Filtered News, which is just as good). This one did exactly what I needed. Present three boxes which contain news items from three different categories.
Everything is customisable. I like developers who accept that their idea of what looks nice does not necessarily match the idea of the customer. And more importantly, allow easy customising via the back-end. It took me about 15 minutes to have it up and running to my likings, from scratch (download, install , the lot). This is really very good work!. Vargas, thanks.
bymacuncles, June 1, 2012
As a very satisfied customer of easyblog and searching for a good commenting system, I thought it would be a good idea to give Komento a try. I am glad I did. the free version has just one template, but this one is nice and clean (which I prefer), and easy adjustable via the CSS. Had a few issues that were extremely fast resolved by the support team. Really great. They even took a few suggestions on board to improve the next version, so they said. When looking for a flexible, easy to adjust commenting system for J2.5, with lots of features, Komento is worth a try, definitely.
bymacuncles, April 21, 2012
News Calendar
I was looking for this for quite some time now; not able to develop it myself, I have to rely on others. Well, Vargas is one of the best with this extension; easy to setup, to adjust; I had an issue with the popup screen but after changing the margin of the popup (in the css) I could flawlessly move to the popup without losing its appearance. Minor thing with the popup border, sometimes the border is out of sight. When it really bothers me I might ask for some support. Way to go Vargas, keep up the good work. Thanks
bymacuncles, January 3, 2012
the looks are easily configurable with the css provided (I am an autodidact); when I had an issue with compatibilities between easyblog and another extension on my site, they even tweaked the other extension, so everything worked fine again; probably the issue was a mere php notice, but I wouldn't try my luck; the back-office solved it; great work; many thanx
bymacuncles, June 12, 2011
Having a website that is ever expanding with content, I needed a tool that allows for easy navigating my pages without too much scrolling. Tabs on the page within articles should do the trick. So I needed a plugin to assit me in this. Well, Tabber does the job. It is simple to use as soon as you sort out that it is merely the {tab=title}txt{/tabs} around the text, and this text could be in a table, that does the trick. Styling is easy and the CSS is very straighforward, so it is easy to adjust the tabs to your liking. And I am not very experienced with this CSS stuff. Great work guys. Thanx.
News Show Pro GK4
This module has got all the assets essential for users to be supported in their activities in their sites: easy install, easy to configure (out of the box, no manual needed), supports K2. It is just as Gman20 has said: apart from respect it deserves a donation.
Thank you very much for this great extension
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