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bymacview, September 14, 2009
Great to see this back. I've tried the others but always found issues like having to resize the image in the edit area first or having to use 3rd party captions but this fits the bill.

Some small issues I will email the developer about but otherwise great!
bymacview, August 25, 2009
Deluxe News Basic
I have looked at almost every news module there is and I liked the promise of this one.

Unfortunately I get a phpthumbs error message every time I try it. Have not had this issue with any other Module so I assume it has something to do with the thumb-nailing feature it has built in. Odd thing is it will happen on an article that has NO image.

I have only seen one other person have this issue so it's pretty isolated and I can't fault them for that - so if it works for you great. - just as a warning to others.
bymacview, August 20, 2009
I was for a long time wondering why there wasn't an easier way to have captions on images and this came along to alleviate that need.

In most cases this plug-in should work handily and the developer was responsive to making a fix to accommodate other plugs (in in my case JUThumbnail 2.2 version - not working with 2.3) that it may conflict with.

Although I don't expect the developer to try and keep up with every add-on that may break as other developers make changes I do appreciate the effort. I'll add this to my list of must have add-ons.