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bymad4media, January 11, 2010
Hi, I am the author of Mad4Joomla Mailforms.
I didn't rate and review anyone since I have published my extensions. But it is time now to review this extensions from a professional sight.

I read the one review which is not fair for my opinion. There is no reason to vote this extension with one star. I purchased docman 1.5 for my upcomming new extensions site.

Maybe the reviewer used to be angry about docman's going commercial. But it is time, people need to understand the difference between free as in beer and free in freedom.

The price is really fair. Can't say anything against it.

The native 1.5 component has the same look and feel as the old version.
It works like a charm and is stable.
So don't forget, that this used to be one of the first download extensions. There is a big experience and knowledge behind.

Sure there are some things that could be added.
E.g. I couldn't find an answer / documentation whether this extension supports joomfish or not and how it works.

The most I suggest is to refactor the router.php.
SEF support by adding id's into the url is not a good way. A better way is to use an additional DB table and use titles and aliases as they are with no additional id's in the url.

My last statement is that this extension is underestimated. It is an excellent extension and if you want to here a professional voice, than go and get it.