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bymaddp, July 13, 2011
Great product as I have tested them all non commercial plugin using Gavick pro templates and this one works. you cant move the bar to the bottom of the article which is a draw back. also i noticed the fb voting doesnt work some times. my fix was to re do the article and test it . It works then i deleted old article where it didnt. I have seen this same thing in others as well so it seems to be a common issue.
bymaddp, July 13, 2011
not really easy to download as the site is not in english. and you cant set the plug in to show at the bottom. Also for every share that is added the system will add 1 to the like button. I never saw the twitter button show up. so for me no twitter, but over all great product.
Owner's reply

Twitter works a little late, since no once can define a link, it depends on the service

bymaddp, March 11, 2011
Custom CSS
Great Module! i had been killing myself trying to get custom css. Nothing worked until i saw this. Thank you so very much.
bymaddp, March 30, 2010
Profile Pro for Community Builder
I bought this over 2 months ago and i still havent gotten it work properly. it installed fine. I followed all the instructions and watched the video like 20 times. Easy they say lol i posted my issues in the forum they have and i never got a reply go see for yourself i am maddp the last post. Now they have a update but i cant download it unless i pay for it because my account doesnt show that i bought the software even though i have a copy of the invoice where i paid. to be honest i feel as if i got ripped off. And I think Joomla should pull this extension until they get these issues fixed that buyers are all talking about now. I rate it fair because it did load and could be great if fixed