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bymaddunr, April 4, 2010
Indic Writer
This installed and worked perfectly on a J1.5.15 site within 5 minutes. I had the module show up on the left column for registered users (those who can write/edit articles).

My only question is - how does one do this in the admin site? For example, I had to create an article on the admin site and then edit it in the front end to include Kannada characters. It would be great if I could do all my writing in the admin site.

Another suggestion - it would also be great if this could be an editor plugin. So while typing content into the editor, I could choose which language I could type in :)

All in all, a good plugin if you want to quickly mix in different languages into your website.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your Positive review! It means a Lot!

For admin, Same modules are also available! In Download area admin module files are suffixed with "-admin". e.g.


The Geocode Factory
I needed a mapping component that worked well with Community Builder and would be easy non-technical staff to use. This worked out great for both reasons.

I did run into a couple of problems that were SEF related, but Cedric, the developer, was quick with his support. He even went ahead and upgraded my installation for me. Extra points for that!

A couple of comments/suggestions:

- there are a few issues with the English language file. this is not major. I'll see if I can provide one.

- the process of creating a map is not very intuitive. first you need to create a marker. then you create a map. i am not sure why this is a 2-step process. just my opinion.

- the process of ordering the product also seemed a bit convoluted to me. it should be a simple one-step checkout process.

Overall, this is a good product worth the money you pay for it.
bymaddunr, November 24, 2009
Account Expiration Control
I have been using AEC since Feb '09 and can honestly say that this has been an excellent find. This component is good for us since we have about 600 users with different plan types and different expiry dates and actions.

The best thing about it is Micro Integrations - little scripts that can talk to different components. This has allowed us to create rules for downloads, content items, etc. on the basis of the user's plan settings.

Since AEC does a lot of heavy lifting, sometimes it can be difficult to wrap your head around it. But is quite well documented (although there is always room for improvement) and once you understand how it works, you will appreciate the methodical thought process of the developer.

Another advantage is that I haven't had to change any of the core files after installation. There is a UI for almost everything. This is a HUGE plus for a non-programmer like me.

One area I would like to see some improvement is the reporting platform. The nuts and bolts are all there and it is only a matter of time before this improves.

The developer's website has had recent posts suggesting a shift in direction, which many of us agree is for the better. Looking forward to some great improvements.