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bymadesign, August 26, 2012
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I tried it and i liked it actually. I think its a good or one of the best comment extensions but i figured out that the translation, in my case spanish, you can download are not completed. That would actually no problem if the non translated part would be still in english but they are completely missing. And to completed the translation you need a account for a extra tool. So any other language then english is actually useless. To bad, i would even pay for it but so long i can't use it in a other language then english its useless.
bymadesign, February 25, 2012
SJ Mega Products II
I installed it and the categories are not parsed. Joomla and virtuemart where supported versions. I contact the support and send my joomla account data. That was 3 days ago without hearing anymore from the service. Also nobody answer in the forum.
So plugin doesn't work and service doesn't work at all.
And 11,50 USD payed for nothing.
Can't recommend this plugin. Michael
bymadesign, January 19, 2011
Well i give a excellent because the plugin runs smooth and fast.
What i miss is the possibility to set the transition speed and interval.
Thanks for the nice work.

Saludos de Argentina, Michael
bymadesign, January 12, 2011
Simple MP3 Player
I looked for a small player for a CD of the month presentation.
This is easy to configure when you have some basic knowledge of how using Hex color system and using path structure.
It seams that the player has a problem with relative path when seo urls is active, i resolved it with giving the music folder a full address. What i which is to use it in a other module. I now used module anywhere to fix this. Thanks for the nice work.