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bymadmin, September 29, 2011
I use this on an Intranet site to pull reports from MSSQL. It works perfectly!

Now, when will it work in 1.7? I successfully installed the 1.6 version, but TinyMCE just kept commenting out the code. Maybe I just didn't find the setting to not check code for TinyMCE?

Regardless, excellent plugin, thank you!
bymadmin, September 28, 2011
SW SetGroup
So far so good. I just tested this on a demo site and it worked fine for what I am considering doing. I did not add ".com" to the end of the domain name though. I do like the idea of using regular expressions for advanced users. However, it might be nice for for less experienced users if they can just maintain a list of approved domain names or email addresses so that they don't need to know syntax for regular expressions.

We are launching a portal for specific customers and I was looking for a way I could allow them to register as many uses as they want but want to restrict registration specifically to clients.

It looks like, at first glance, this may do the trick.
bymadmin, June 2, 2011
Good plugin. Would like to see a div id or class for custom css positioning. Also, it does not allow you to select the image that will be displayed and I'm not sure if that is due to lack of xfbml support or what might cause that.

I don't see anything "bad" about it -- would give it 5 stars if it had the above.
bymadmin, November 4, 2010
Excellent extension! Does exactly what I needed. Not recognizing Blackberry torch at the moment (at lest on my site) but I haven't looked into that yet and I don't know if the torch is supposed to be supported at this time or not. Don't even care about that really, as my target audience is iPhone and Android.

Thanks MobileJoomla!