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bymadmumbler, January 8, 2007
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I got it working. But my criticism is that for newbies, this will be hard to figure out.

I suggest the author includes a plain .txt file of instructions with the .zip file. I couldn't get any documentation to show up after I installed, and the main site is apparently in overhaul mode and didn't see access to online documentation. When I click the link in the mambots section, it says access is restricted and locks the file so I have to do Global check-in.

For newbies, it needs to be installed in the Mambots section even though it's called a plug-in. And copy/paste the information during installation BEFORE you click the Continue tab.

All I want it for is showing YouTube videos, and it does that nicely. It works for what I need it to do. After installation, I just type {youtube}fileidhere{/youtube} and where fileidhere is, you copy/paste in JUST the gobbledygook filecode id number (NOT the entire html!) from YouTube. And it works fine. Doesn't show up in preview, you have to publish the article to see it.

Overall, good mod, does what I need it to do.