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bymadpimp, September 29, 2014
JS Jobs
I was caught between giving this an honest 4 stars or a 5. Decided to give it full marks as it is the best on the joomla market and I have purchased every single one. (no joke)

There is room for improvement of course but this is the first where I feel that they have actually thought about the real life requirements of the recruitment sector instead of just bashing out code.... like most have done! Not sure why I discovered this last, could have saved myself a lot of money.

Like I said, not perfect but damn this is the cream of the crop.

One point is I do not like the ACL setup. If register as a employer I do not expect to see the jobseeker control panel at all. They have given separate group ID, but will have to manually configure soon as I learn how this joomla ACL works.

keep it up and will try some other extensions from these guys soon.
bymadpimp, February 21, 2014
Profile Designer for JomSocial
Joomplace is a hidden Gem within the Jomsocial community. Seriously unique and useful apps.

The support is a dream! They fixed the glitches I asked for and I hope to use there company for development work.

I hope they continue with their current high standards and innovative ways.
bymadpimp, December 9, 2013
Javascript Async and Defer
Definitely feels much fast and test site showed overall improved. Just load plugin and go. I havnt fine tuned bt straight out the box its worth it.

Well done Developer
bymadpimp, September 26, 2013
X5 Fast chat
There support is very quick and so far have help to the very best of there abilities regarding some advise we had asked for. made a cup of te and on my return was an answer with solution ready prepared.

This sort of customer care is worthy of the price they ask for the extension.

Very happy so far

bymadpimp, January 22, 2013
No complaints from my client in the last year so to me that means its working well as it should.

Could do with a few minor updates but all in all I'm quite satisfied!

Ps the Support team are great
bymadpimp, October 8, 2012
RSform Pro
This new version is incredibly intuitive.
why cant all extensions work like this!

keep it up
bymadpimp, March 3, 2012
JoomBah Jobs
I like this and considering the price its definatly value for money.Although the themes I think are a little shabby.

I havnt found any unusual problems.

Note to review below. Just goto group manager in the JOOMLA user group. Take note of the ID number and then go back to JOOMBAH component setting > global and enter the ID number in the USER GROUP area.... I think they should have made this clear as it took me 2hours to work this out myself!!