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bymaggoo, November 19, 2013
If you have a reasonable understanding of joomla, you are bound to run in to some of its limitations. Fortunately there are the nonumber extensions, and with those gems you can overcome quite a few of those.

I have been using nonumber extensions for about 4 years (off and on) already i think, and never had the need to call for support. Last week though there was a small peculiarity with sourcerer and support has been excellent and more important the small problem solved.

Brilliant extensions and top support, so i thought it would be more than fair to express my appreciation for giving these extensions for free for all to enjoy.
bymaggoo, January 17, 2013
Excellent support and great thinking and executing about how to integrate a simple, yet powerful cart into the core of joomla.
bymaggoo, March 6, 2012
On the lookout for a nice helpdesk/ticketsystem i stumbled upon this one. After taking it for a spin i must say i am a bit disappointed, but that is totally unfair of me. It does exactly what it says, and does so in a very smooth way, but unfortunately nothing more. I would have preferred something like a faq build in, or that some questions could be published to the general public. So, very smooth component but not feature rich.

One thing i didn't like is the extra js being loaded for this component. That seems to be the norm with all ticket/helpdesk components, so that's more a general remark about this category than about this component.

For me the search continues for a lightweight reasonably feature rich helpdesk system, but considering all listed components this one is pretty smooth.