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bymagj, October 10, 2014
I Have Expert Support Subscription for more than two years and I have some very complex scenarios on my sites which I successfully implemented this Great Extension.

With so much addons which successfully integrates with the core and 3rd party extension like Jomsocial , you'll have the best in class software and if you run in a trouble , even if it is your fault or you have a complex solution , they're there to help you!

I recommend it to everyone need a classified directory!

bymagj, November 15, 2013
AcySMS is in the same class of acymailing in it's support and quality!

I've bought dozens of great joomla extensions these years from the best Joomla Extensions providers and Acyba is one of the best , if not the best!

Thanks and keep up the good work
The product is great and it works as it says.

AND Support is Excellent. It is easy to use and have very great and detailed options.It's Unique.

And if it can support another plugin to work in articles/other components (like flexicontent) it would be EVEN GREATER.

Thanks Sandi
bymagj, June 1, 2012
I have used many CCK components specially for Joomla,(K2,Sobi2,SobiPro,Seblod). Even-though all of them have some unique features and advantages , But Flexicontent IMHO is far beyond when it comes to everything: Flexibility , Ease of use , Learning Curve, Features , Expandibility ,...

The only weakness that's not related to the Project itself is 3rd party support.

And I wish more 3rd Party Companies support it Out of the box (as for K2)
bymagj, January 25, 2012
Great Extension but image field would make it even better, Keep up the good work..
bymagj, May 23, 2011
I'm using it for more than a year and it's really powerful ,

There are many plugins to help you,
but for some very specific applications a knowledge of PHP is needed,

After more than a year I subscribed to a support plan which allowed me to download some very good plugins to complement the very good component.

The support forum is a good place to help you even if you have no subscription.

Keep up the good work
bymagj, September 25, 2010
Advanced Module Manager
-Easy Installation and upgrade process
-So many assignment capabilities
-Is one of a kind(As I Know)

Have installed on dozens of sites and it works great
even with some minor bugs it is a real MUST HAVE.
(In some rare cases the assignment gets reset and in more rare cases it doesn't work as the assignment-I cannot tell what cause these-BUT it's worth it)
bymagj, July 15, 2010
It's just the best of it's kind! Recommended...
bymagj, October 16, 2009
I'd like to be the first one to thank for the new version(which has been delayed). It's (by far) the most feature rich shopping cart system for Joomla! and their support is good.

Thanks Soren! and other suys behind this project...
bymagj, August 26, 2009
Very Simple Image Gallery
A great plugin with least config possible, lightbox effect will make it complete.

bymagj, August 19, 2009
I just surprised!
So easy to install ,configure and use. You can do everything to the output code of your site. Even I overcome an IE bug (Domready thing) with this.

All of Peter's extensions are great and the support is impressive.
bymagj, April 8, 2009
Great Component with the least Config imaginable,
Took Sometime for me to learn how to set it up (Less than an hour)and the shop is up ;-)

Thanks for this simple component
bymagj, April 20, 2008
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Shape 5 - Image and Content Fader
Installed , Works Great.

The only problem is that back end module management is not display correctly in Firefox, have to use IE(R) Instead