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bymaguscorvin, March 13, 2014
One of the few project managers out there that really works without a lot of 'extras'. I worked with this extension for awhile and thought - this is really good. This is great. And free? Really? couldn't believe it. So after using and loving it - I was saddened to hear there wouldn't be a 3.0 version. Sadly that leaves those still looking for a easy to follow and use project manager. If you are sticking with 2.5 - check it out.
bymaguscorvin, August 28, 2013
Really an excellent extension for the joomla site and the support is extraordinary. I highly recommend this inexpensive and yet effective chat for any joomla site.
bymaguscorvin, June 13, 2013
Intranet Attendance Track
After using the extension for a few weeks we found it to be very strong and yet we wanted a couple of tweaks and additional features. We wrote the developer and found that most of the feature requests were items that were going to be included in a future version. However, the developer made the tweaks for free and welcomed our input. Professional & courteous and very efficient. The extension and the service are great. With future enhancements we feel it can even go further. Give it a try.
bymaguscorvin, April 2, 2013
We've been using this product for close to a year now and have had no issues whatsoever. The support has been great in answering questions and providing insight on setup etc. For the money and the support you receive is well worth it.
bymaguscorvin, September 7, 2012
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JG Multi
I must say this product is truly a one of a kind in the sense it is fairly easy to learn and very flexible. It is filled with lots of features (almost too many) and the support seems to be pretty good. I've used the single version known as Joomgalaxy and this one the JGMulti. I felt having multiple directories on a site for my purposes would be more beneficial. After spending some time with both of their products, I really do like them. The documentation on their sites are a little lacking but they are building them up gradually. Granted this is a relatively new company. Bear in mind that there was some confusion regarding the pricing structure that is now put in place. Some users were confused about whether this extension would be included in the price of the single directory version Joomgalaxy or would be simply an add-on price to have both options. Unfortunately the answer is NO! If you want the ability to have multiple directories on your site then you'll have to purchase the JGMulti separately. Now, providing the feature set is very vast it still quite a bit purchase. The Professional version (which is the highest level version they offer) is the one I'd recommend, however that is if you have the money. It is $299.00 initial purchase which includes 12 months of support and updates followed by a discounted renewal rate which to my understanding would be 20% off. This is still quite a bit of money to pay every year. Now many directory extensions are not inexpensive for Joomla. The average for them seems to be right around $200. So, if you have the money and need a multi-directory feature set - then I'd jump at getting this extension. If not, then ensure you do some research and see what other extensions would meet your needs. All in all good extension, good feature set, just a bit pricey.
bymaguscorvin, April 4, 2012
Freestyle Support
Truly simple and easy to use extension with some nice features. The support is friendly and helpful. There are some features that hopefully will be included in the near future such as ACL based articles, knowledgebase etc. Freestyle states they are still evolving their features and will be adding new ones soon. Check the site often and if you use it, keep it updated. Overall, good experience and great quality especially for the money.
bymaguscorvin, December 6, 2011
Overall the Product is pretty good with some nice improvements in this latest release. Some features are fantastic such as the number of people (per serving) measure tool, search, and social bookmark support. Other features missing would be: the ability to allow custom measurement input that would become part of the measurement table - which other users would see as a an option when they add their entries, another big one is not able to select multiple categories for recipes, and perhaps themes.

All in all for the money it is a pretty good product with support.
bymaguscorvin, December 2, 2011
Excellent idea that is finally being implemented. Granted they are still hard at work bringing full functionality into Joomla 1.7 they are well on their way. The support is super friendly and helpful (it is like paying for it). Not to mention this extension is free. A dream come true for me. Keep up the great work and look forward to the many more features in the near future.