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bymahalia, August 25, 2013
Magic Window
Magic Window makes your page very easy to do such as Insert user information,restrict access to content,Add any code and may more.

Thank you and I will share this to my friends.
Owner's reply

Thank you. We'll keep updating Magic Window to make it even better.

bymahalia, August 25, 2013
Thanks for this extension Brad.This OptDownload is very usefull in my website.Keep up the good work
bymahalia, August 22, 2013
Twitter Widget Slider
This extension is great it is very "Easy to Use".I have an extension before for Twitter but it is not users friendly but this one is the best.

Thank you Alonzo and keep up the good work.
bymahalia, August 22, 2013
Google Plus Widget Slider
I try this Google Widget Slider and it is very nice and take note it is "FREE".It is easy to use and I really like it.I will recommend this extension to my friends.

Many thanks.
bymahalia, August 22, 2013
I am very thankfull and I can't express how much I appreciate this brilliant extension. This component is one of the best component of Joomla.My i.e. Explorer issue of not liking multiple occasions of "domready" - seems like every time I add a module to a page I get an error! I just read on the forums that multiple instances of the call cause the "object not found" error in i.e. explorer so I thought I'd give this a shot and it works like a charm.
This developer has some fantastic additional life and sanity saving other extensions on his site, and a great sense of humor too.Once again thank you and keep it up.