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Reviews(3), October 10, 2013
Compare for K2
This is the best compare solution for K2, I have a travel agency website and this does the perfect job, it compares my offers regardling my extra fields and show the potentioal client wich offer is te best.

The support is realy fast and great, this extension didnt need support in my case, but i've had interacted with them for other extension and they've respond in less then 5 minutes.

P.S. Works verry good with Filter extension provide by StyleWare, October 10, 2013
Filter for K2
This module does exactly what it says, and the support is the best 3'rd marty ever, a 5 minutes response maximum (in my case), and 2 problems solved in less then 10 minutes. They are receptive with new ideas, and verry sociable.

I recomend to to use this module if you need price filtering, or any other filtering who use extra fields., September 18, 2013
Calendar Timeline
This module does exactly what it says. I'm pleased with the functionality, its easy to install, configure and use.

The support its one of the best, theyre response is verry quick and prompt.

I recomend this module.