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bymajorpayne, October 9, 2009
Community Builder
When I first installed CB 1.2 I was overwhelmed with the amount of modules, plugins and general information that CB has. I found myself playing with a lot of those items. If I would have Stopped here I would give this an excellent rating. But my reviews do not just concern one aspect of anything.. After 4-5 months of use I realize that CB is not for me or the site I'm currently working on... I uninstall all the modules and components. I uninstall Cb it gives me 2 errors. One about how it can't find the uninstall and the other I do not remember. I manually go through my components, module, and plugins. I find a few items listed by beat and joomlajoe AKA joomlapolis. I'm think I do no want to start over on this site since it launches Sunday Oct 11, My backups all have the CB builder in them so that wouldn't help... So I go to the joomlapolis forums and do a search for uninstall community builder. it drops the builder but brings up 109 options. I'm thinking ok this should be fun but I want this fixed right. So I search all 109 (4 pages) and find 4 asking how to uninstall CB properly or how to remove the databases and if it will mess things up. Only one that I saw had any responses to it and it was not directed towards the uninstall but towards the error the user was recieving. the only 3 had the topics close and I quote "The topic has been locked. " with no response or link. I decided what the heck I'll try and get that answer questioned myself. Low and Behold "The topic has been locked." No answer. I posted it in the correct area CB 1.2 Stable General Discussion Area Didn't scream, cry, whine, or be unpleasant in any way shape or forum. I just asked for a list of files that need to be removed. I currently have 3 modules that I think should be removed. I just wanted comfirmation.. This is why at best i will give a fair rating. I hope you have better success with thim