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bymakeeasy, April 25, 2013
Multi Sites
1) Excellent Product!
2) Excellent Service!
No one will match Edwins skill level. (Do not be afraid to pay for support. You will find that every dollar you spend is well worth it!)
3) Product performs and works as advertised!
I am a beginner and had a vision of multiple websites. After spending 1.5 years trying different products, developers, carts, etc. I was very discouraged and lost. Once I found and purchased this product my vision slowly came to life. Edwin, not only gave me guidance, he helped me save a lot of time, money and trouble in the future. Now I must say I have a system that is no different if not better than any large company on the web. So, if you are reading this you have finally arrived at where you need to be. Go for it!
bymakeeasy, April 25, 2013
I am a beginner to medium skill level and I struggled with many open-source and a subscription based shopping cart before I found Hikashop. The cart is very easy to use and setup. Customer Service is Excellent and company seems to be solid!
All products are well worth the money! If you are reading this, my advice to you as go for it! My personnel opinion: After trying the rest, this cart is the best!