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bymakevalue, June 23, 2014
BT Login
This creates a clean popup login. There are not so many options as to overwhelm you and the popup is intuitive. Admin tool allows you to change background color easily.

2 thumbs up!
bymakevalue, November 21, 2013
Easy to configure, clean css
Very easy to configure. Lets you put your logo or other graphic in the PayPal interface which is good stuff.

There support for a free extension is really cool.

I used this in Joomla 2.5 and pulled it into an article using the loadpostion code. Initially that caused the PayPal account to not be credited correctly. Their tech support gave the solution.
If you are using the module in an article, you can add the emailcloak equals off code in front of the loadposition code and voila!

Very good component and spot on support.
bymakevalue, February 8, 2013
BreadCrumbs Advanced Plus
I saw this on a client site who needs to upgrade. When I tried to click through to download or get to the site, I received a virus warning.

I trust that the developer remedies this for everyone concerned.
Owner's reply

We're sorry to read about the virus reporting you've received when visiting our download section, but...

We are not using any questionable javascripts on our site. The downloadable files are ZIP files which contain text files to use as a module on a Joomla! website. No executable code can be found inside the ZIP archives.

Sometimes anti-virus programs return so called false-positives - so I guess that could have gone wrong.

You can download our files without the risk of getting a virus on your system!

So feel free to give it a try.

bymakevalue, February 17, 2012
First off, I have used Joomfish for 1.5 sites. Secondly, I did not understand the Joomla 1.7 language pack configuration before I started.

I was really glad to find something to bridge the gap in 1.7. I bought the license because I needed to turn 2 project quickly.

Stephane was really responsive given the time difference. I am in US, she is 12 hours difference... I think.

Falang does not require you enter publish dates.. it does it automatically. So this is better than Joomfish

It installs easily and worked fine out of the box. Stephane's documentation is so easy a beginning Joomla person should have no problem.

Very cool fork! Thank Stephane!
bymakevalue, May 5, 2010
Calculate! Mortgage
What's not to like about this extension?

- Mortgage and amortization is an easy mathematical calculation. What makes this a good extension is that it is done as simply so integrating it into a template is easy.
- It also has an administrator option to display the amortization tables or not.
- Quick response to a question too.

Great Job Bryan!