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bymamboze, October 9, 2014
NS Font Awesome
NS Font Awesome scores excellent on all points. It meets all the claims made for it on the website. It provides a concise introduction to Font Awesome (FA)- what it is, what it does and so on. I had several needed icons on my website within minutes. FA icons are a great addition to web development. The NS FA plugin makes the integration of FA into a Joomla website simple and straightforward. Highly recommended.
bymamboze, July 30, 2014
JS Flexslider
I like this slider, it's responsive, looks neat and is nicely configurable. But the image size at a given page resolution cannot be varied. This is a real deal-breaker for me.
bymamboze, July 10, 2014
Mootools Enabler/Disabler
I've tried another plugin and editing the index.php and head.php but these did not remove the js error showing up in the console. But this plugin did, straight-off. Enough said. If you need to disable mootools or, at least, control their application this will do it.
bymamboze, July 6, 2014
Vertical Accordion Menu - All in One
Nextend Accordion Menu lives up completely to its description and feature list. It gives you minute control over just about every aspect of the menu design. OK, it is not free neither is it particularly cheap, but if you want a first class menu system for your site and excellent support which is prompt, friendly and effective, then go for this one. It is worth every one of the 5 stars.
bymamboze, July 3, 2014
JCH Optimize
This is an outstandingly good plugin which delivers completely on the claims made for it. I installed the free version and was so impressed by the improvement in download speed that I bought the Pro version. IMO, a good move which at the price is a no-brainer. This software is a very polished performer and is matched by the rapid and responsive service. Try and you won't be disappointed. Buy and you'll be very happy. Thank you, JCH Optimizer.
bymamboze, September 22, 2013
Blank Module
I needed a means of displaying some graphics in the website I'm developing using d3, a javascript graphics library generating SVG images. I came across Blank Module after a couple of days of unsuccessful fiddling. After a minor adjustment, the module has worked perfectly. Support is excellent. The developer responded very rapidly to my query. I can recommend this extension without reservation. It performs as described, what more can you ask?
bymamboze, August 9, 2013
Uygun tabs
Uyguntabs is an excellent extension. Easy to install and if you have some CSS skills easy to configure. This is the first time I've used it but it'll be part of my toolkit for the future. Thanks for a good piece of work.
bymamboze, July 20, 2013
Responsive Menu
This extension worked as soon as it was installed. Full marks for that!
I've tried a few menus for Joomla and it can be a frustrating business just getting a menu up and running in Joomla (or so I've found). Altho I've only been using RM for an hour or so, it impresses as well designed piece of work. I've very happy with it.
Owner's reply

Good to hear, we do thorough tests our addons so they work optimally with as few possible steps. Thank you for your support.

bymamboze, January 9, 2013
Akeeba Backup
In view of the hundreds of very positive reviews, there is, I suppose, little more that I can add beyond recording my satisfaction with this exemplary software. It scores in all departments for me, ease of installation and use, comprehensive documentation that's easily readable (a very big plus for me) and it works. Restoration with Akeeba Kickstart is hardly a chore too. I can only commend very strongly the Akeeba Backup and Kickstart combo. Great stuff. Congrats to Nick.
bymamboze, March 30, 2011
Maxi Menu CK
I'm a newcomer to joomla and so my comments are based on fairly limited experience. However, for me maximenu is a standout module for ease of use, comprehensive functionality and appearance. I'd tried (or,more accurately, struggled with) several menu modules before coming to maximenu. It was fantastic to get the horizontal drop down menu running first time around. All that remains for me is to get my head around all of its features and capabilities. The documentation and the params plugin are a great help in this respect.