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bymanfredlemke, August 5, 2011
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JCal Pro
I have got to know and to like JCal pro for quite some years now. Whereas I never really liked the design of the calendar, I always appreciated its functionalitiy. It is somewhat like those cars that are reliable but not necessarily nice to see.

I have been a paying subscriber for two terms, which I believed would ensure me staying up-to-date with all I needed.

Now, version 1.7 is out and I NEED to upgrade our website asap - there are now so many functionalities available we have been waiting for. But I seem to have to postpone that launch because my "commercial" extension is not up to date (whereas many of the non-commercial ones we are using indeed are)...

As the calendar is an important element of our web site, we cannot really run it without. That was, as I told before the reason for my my buying something called PRO, in order to be sure.

But then: PRO is not a protected word, anyone can use it. Being two verions behind is, however, not pro, sorry.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your comments. We are working on a complete re-write an expect JCal 3 for Joomla 1.7 out this Fall. It will be worth the wait.