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bymangoswiss, August 22, 2010
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AJAX Shoutbox
The free version works well but you'll eventually get lots of spam. I used it on our wedding website that has not been intentionally indexed by Google and is not advertised anywhere. It's a low traffic site with trafic just form the wedding guests but after a few weeks it still got SPAM on it. It was working fine up to this point so I deided to install the PRO version so I could use its CAPTCHA features. I uninstalled the free module and installed the PRO version. The captcha doesn't work as the CAPTCHA box disappears after you hit submit and no messages could be posted as a guest. The avatars show up as balnk even when you turn off avatars. I'm an experienced web developer and I believe I've configured the module correctly. I usually write positive reviews but was very disappointed with the PRO verison. I wouldn't recommend you buy this extension. Use the free on e if you can get away without the spamming.
bymangoswiss, September 14, 2009
Akeeba Backup
Excellent component. First thing I install on every site.
bymangoswiss, September 14, 2009
Security Images
I'm a professional Joomla developer building many sites for clients with Joomla every year and this is the first review I've written. It's a testament to the quality of this component that I've bothered to register jsut so I can write thsi review.

This is a fantastic component. Like all the CAPTCHA based components it requires some modifications to the Joomla core files. This is a necessary evil I'm afraid and those who complain that it's too complex dont understand this.

In addition to be an excellent component on it's own, the developer has provided information to other developers on how to integrate it with other components. This means that VirtueMart 1.1.3 comes with support for Security Images 5 already baked in.

Well done! Great component.