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bymaniiacl, June 17, 2013
Smart Slider 2
Nice looking extension with lots of different designs, it is fully functional and very complex, the only downside is the setup process I found it kind of complex, but when you figure it out how it works it's a great piece of software!
Also fast support, these guys know what they're doing, they deserve all the best.
bymaniiacl, June 14, 2013
This software has GPL license, it is costumizable and it has alot of features, I heard from stackoverflow that It doesnt have the best cleanest code inside but apart from that the support is great and very very fast, and it has a helpful community that has evolved around Jomres.
bymaniiacl, February 20, 2013
What? Nothing!
I laught so much with all the nonsense comments and also this magnificent extension that does nothing, but I can see its been made with alot of passion,sense of humor and imagination, just like all of your extensions. Thanks Peter for all the contribution you have made to the community. Excellent kharma.
Owner's reply

Thanks. You laughed: mission accomplished!

bymaniiacl, May 28, 2012
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Slideshow CK
This is one of the best extension I've ever seen, and best of all it is FREE, unlike other poor developed commercial extensions this extension has great design and very easy to use, the least thing I can do Is leave good feedback and thank to the developer for hes great work.
Keep up the good work Ced.
Owner's reply

Thank you ! I'm happy to see that people like my extension ;)