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bymanny007, December 19, 2011
After a thorough research comparing alternatives, and given my severe programming limitations (Architect), I was looking for a highly configurable real estate joomla extension, and finally found it here.

I filtered my options taking into account a diligent developer which updated his product frequently (had to be compatible with joomla 1.7, and have a fresh version update), that reviews were abundant and favorable (this product has the most reviews in the real estate section with an almost perfect score), that developers were not one trick ponies (they actually develop a family of joomla extensions).

Support is outstanding, knowledgeable and corteous. Although they are not obliged to do so, they frequently go out of their way to answer questions not properly exhausted in forums, rescuing astray users like me that wander with awe in the forum's tech jargon.

Integration with Googlemaps is beautiful. Map search results are updated immediately when requested by filters. Fields are well interlinked, so from a real estate agent you can access its properties, company, maps, etc; from maps you can access quickly its properties, etc.

Additional plugins, like WalkScore, Facebook, etc. increase the value of this extension.

Not cheap, but a well deserved price.

Awesome, elegant. Keep up the good work !

(PD: Please figure out a way to integrate front-end editing for portals and the IP report for the IP 1.6 version. Also, dropdown filters in IP 1.6 should be fitted in the map frame to save precious space, like in demo for IP 1.5).